Our journey began in 2008

In December 2008, Zoe Kelly embarked on a mission to transform the beauty industry in Cork by founding CityWax, a specialist waxing salon. Recognizing a gap in the market for high-quality waxing services, Zoe set out to provide Cork with a premium experience like no other.

Driven by her passion for offering top-notch treatments to discerning clients, Zoe envisioned CityWax as more than just a salon. It was to be a haven where clients could escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and indulge in luxurious, pain-free waxing treatments. Zoe’s acute attention to detail and unwavering commitment to perfection fueled her desire to create an environment where clients could feel comfortable and confident.

Before CityWax, Cork had yet to witness a salon exclusively dedicated to waxing that offered top-tier brands and impeccable techniques. Zoe saw an opportunity to fill this void and knew that Cork deserved nothing less than the finest waxing services available. She was determined to revolutionize the beauty landscape of the city and provide a level of service that was unparalleled.

Drawing inspiration from her own experiences and conversations with friends, Zoe recognized the need for a specialist waxing salon in Cork. Tales of friends traveling to Dublin for waxing appointments due to the lack of quality options in Cork only fueled Zoe’s determination further. She was convinced that she could create something unique in Cork that would set a new standard for waxing services in the city.

“Everywhere I had been to, the waxing was very painful, very messy, and the tools and equipment never looked clean,” Zoe reminisced, reflecting on her journey. “I knew I could create something unique here in Cork that would provide that premium service missing in this city.”

With CityWax, Zoe aimed to change the perception of waxing and provide clients with an experience that exceeded their expectations. She wanted CityWax to be synonymous with professionalism, quality, and luxury in Cork’s beauty industry. And with her vision and determination, Zoe was well on her way to achieving just that.

With her background in training and development, Zoe had a profound appreciation for the significance of staff training and progression. She understood that a thriving team lay at the core of any successful enterprise. Armed with this belief, Zoe was resolute in fostering an environment that would nurture her team’s talents, leading to their personal growth and a shared sense of fulfillment.

Thus, in the early months of 2009, CityWax opened its doors in the heart of Blackrock, Cork. It quickly became the talk of the town, drawing clients from far and wide who sought solace in the hands of experienced professionals. The atmosphere was warm and inviting, akin to stepping into a haven where one’s worries melted away, much like wax under the tender care of Zoe’s team.

As word spread about the exceptional services and the commitment to creating an unparalleled experience, the demand for CityWax grew exponentially. Clients longed for more locations and a broader range of services to cater to their diverse needs. Zoe, fueled by her passion for excellence, was more than ready to meet these expectations.

Year after year, the business flourished, expanding its horizons and opening new salons across Cork. But it wasn’t merely about numbers or locations; it was about realizing Zoe’s vision of crafting an inclusive and comprehensive beauty experience. In 2021, as the company continued to evolve and adapt, it was time for a transformation that reflected the essence of their journey.

We’re just getting started

Thus, CityWax gracefully made way for “All About Gorgeous,” a name that perfectly encapsulated the ethos of the brand. It was no longer just about waxing; it was about celebrating beauty in all its forms. From exquisite skincare to luxurious spa treatments, All About Gorgeous embodied the pursuit of radiance inside and out.

Through the years, Zoe’s philosophy remained steadfast: a happy team, dedicated to their craft, equated to delighted clients who felt truly cared for. This simple yet profound principle laid the foundation for the enduring success of All About Gorgeous.

As the story of All About Gorgeous unfolds, it serves as an inspiring reminder that the pursuit of one’s passion, coupled with a commitment to excellence, can transform a business into an emblem of beauty, both inside and out. From its humble beginnings in 2008 to becoming a thriving beacon of radiance in Cork, All About Gorgeous stands as a testament to the power of dedication, vision, and the pursuit of all that is splendid in this world.

Our incredible team are here for you

Zoe Kelly

Company Director

Anna O'Flynn

Operations Manager

Claire Normoyle

Salon Supervisor

Eileen Mullane

Front of House
"I have used All About Gorgeous many times and they have never failed to exceed expectation! I would highly recommend All About Gorgeous to all due to the salons highly trained, professional, skilled staff, for their attention to detail and their welcoming nature."
Katie C
Cork, Ireland
"All About Gorgeous are amazing, I regularly get my nails, lash extensions and brows done with the girls. Expect amazing results and top class professionalism in every treatment! My skin has also drastically improved since beginning image peels as a person who suffers with acne it has majorly helped with my confidence x "
Cliona O
Cork, Ireland
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